Ortyl Talks Dark Fiber, Small Cell and E-Rate

Uniti Fiber

Uniti Fiber’s dark fiber expansion into Iowa and Illinois is success driven and builds on relationships the team has developed over the years. In this FierceTelecom exclusive, Greg Ortyl, SVP of sales at Uniti Fiber talks about the unique aspects of the expansion. 

Sean Buckley with FierceTelecom spoke with Ortyl who went on to say that what’s unique about these network builds is that they are leveraging and extending existing fiber the company had in the ground.

“Illinois is one of our bigger little islands where we have 1,500 route miles of fiber in place between St. Louis and Chicago,” Ortyl said. “This was a great opportunity to densify in three – what we view – key markets in that footprint.”

“There’s some great opportunities for us, not just carrier and enterprise, but also additional backhaul,” Ortyl said. “Just because we sold our anchor does not mean we can’t go and sell the other carriers dark fiber for small cells.”

While the near-term focus is to satisfy its wireless operator customer, the investment in new dark fiber infrastructure will bolster Uniti’s capabilities to address additional business opportunities in growing industries like health care and K-12 education.

Buckley writes in his article that unlike other dark fiber competitors such as Zayo, Uniti Fiber has carved a niche serving Tier 2 and rural markets where available dark and lit fiber options are often not readily available.

The company’s growing infrastructure spans 580,000+ fiber strand miles over a 19 state region, with local access to over 2,500 municipalities and dozens of utilities.

Sean Buckley is senior editor with FierceTelecom.